Autumn Frost, Cranborne

Autumn Frost, Cranborne

The forecast looked cold, very cold – sub zero! The sky was going to be clear, so it looked like the first hard frost of the year was on the cards – combine this with autumnal colour, and it was time to head out with the camera!

This stream is dry most of the year. There is a watercress farm close by, and it would appear most of the stream water goes into irrigating crops there. Due to the seemingly constant rainfall we’d been “enjoying”, the stream was, as hoped for, running fast, deep and clear.

I found my composition, and then evaulated the scene in front of me. With so much frost on the grass, I thought it might be nice to blur the stream to make it look icy too. A 0.9 (3-stop) Neutral Density filter slowed the shutter speed sufficiently to give me an attractive blur. A Neutral Density Graduated filter helped balance the exposure of sky and grass, bringing the colour of the tree to life. You can also see watercress growing along the stream edges – tasted fantastic, you can’t get much fresher!!

Exposure information: 5 secs at f/16, ISO100 using 0.9 ND Grad + 0.9 ND filters.

Prints of this image are available from my website.


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