Beech Entrance

Beech Entrance

Taken on the same day as, and within a short walk from, Autumn Frost, this is a venue I’d had my eye on for some time! As a keen cyclist, I often venture out for a two-wheeled blast – and this driveway is on my regular route!

I’ve been watching these trees change from bare wintery wood, to spring green, to thick summer canopy – but it was autumn and golden colour I was waiting for. Not only do I enjoy the warm tones of autumn, and the driveway may look resplendent all year round, but the early morning light doesn’t make the most of the trees until autumn time when the lower angle of light gives an almost 3D effect.

Normally, landscapes are taken on wide-angle lenses, to capture the wide vista in front of the camera. However, some occassions call for a longer lens, and the perspective flattening effect that comes with it. Using my 70-200mm lens, I composed the shot so the trees formed a canopy, and framed the distant gateway.

Normally, a strong element of foreground interest is included to give scale and perspective, but you don’t get many strong elements in the middle of a driveway! However, with low angle light coming through the trees from my right, it was just a case of waiting for the sun to reappear from behind a cloud and cast raking shadows across my foreground.

Exposure information: 1/4 sec at f/11, ISO100.

Prints of this image are available from my website.


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