Wall Of Colour

Autumnal New Forest

Another image from my recent wanderings around the New Forest. It was quite breathtaking watching the early morning sun creep over the horizon to light up the trees I was stood in front, and photographed here. And I still chuckle to myself as I remember the other photographers who were darting around looking for an instant image – all they had to do was look around them, chill out, and watch the light start to do its work. As the full sun hit the trees and foliage, it really came alive and took on a 3D effect.

I did get a few odd looks from passing drivers and cyclists too. It was a glorious morning, and I was stood in the middle of a forestry clearing, looking very much like I wasn’t doing anything. But, I was shooting the trees across the road from me, with my 70-200mm lens, so they were probably trying to figure out what I was up to – if they’d looked where I was looking instead of at me, they would have seen this wonderful sight!

Exposure information: 1/13 sec at f/11, ISO100

Prints of this image are available from my website.


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