One-on-One Workshops

If you enjoy landscape photography, but struggle to take images with that ‘wow’ factor, why not join me for a personalised One-on-One workshop? We can work together on location to take your photography to the next level.

Based  around your choice of Sunrise or Sunset, each workshop is about three hours long, which gives us plenty of time to look at some of the technicalities of photography, such as exposure modes and understanding the histogram.  But, the majority of our time together will be spent looking at  controlling exposure, focussing for landscapes, balancing light with filters, techniques such as exposing to the right and the all important elements –  composition and storytelling;  the two most important elements of a landscape image! During our time together, we will move you from ‘taking a photo’ to ‘making an image’.

To give you an idea of how we can work together on a view, here is a ‘before’ and ‘after’ example. Below, you can see the view before me one rather grey autumn afternoon during a group workshop.

The View

The view before us.

 By analysing the potential items of interest in the scene, employing a considered composition,  and carefully using Neutral Density filters, a pleasing image was available.

The Captured Image

My resulting image.

If your images normally look more like the first, perhaps we should talk!

I often work on a One-on-One basis, but I am happy working with small groups as well. As the light can change so quickly around Sunrise and Sunset, I prefer to keep numbers to a maximum of four. This allows me to spend maximum time with each of you, and attend to your settings and questions during the fleeting light changes of the Golden Hour.

As I am based on the Dorset/Hampshire border, many areas are available to you – the New Forest, Jurassic Coast, Purbeck Hills, Corfe Castle, Cranborne Chase to name but a few. Naturally, your time will be spent within your preferred location – or I can make suggestions. There’s always somewhere good to shoot!

Each workshop will be tailored to your wishes and needs in order to make sure you get the maximum benefit from your time. In fact, your workshop begins as soon as you complete the Checkout process. As soon as you book a workshop, I will be in touch to arrange a convenient weekend for you. We can then discuss your needs, and I can plan the workshop to maximise effect – and enjoyment!

A workshop in action

A workshop in action

On the day, a Sunrise Workshop starts as we meet on location 45-minutes before the Sun is due up. We can then look at how to recce a venue, so you’ll know exactly where the sun will rise so we can start building a strong composition around it. After the light show has finished, we will spend the rest of our time together looking further at the image making process and taking many more images of our location.

A workshop image

A resulting image

As you would expect, a Sunset Workshop  works in reverse – meeting on location about 2 1/2 hours before Sunset, we can look at technique etc before creating that strong composition – and then watching the light show evolve. We’ll continue shooting after the Sun has set – many of my best Sunsets have been made after the Sun is long gone.

While mentioning Sunrise and Sunset here, other times of day are available. If you are struggling with composition or the technicalities of landscape photography, we can also arrange early afternoon workshops to guide you through the image making process and maximise your learning time.

To book a Workshop, simply use the options below and I will then contact you to  sort dates and make arrangements. If you would like to check dates before booking, please click here to email me.

Gift Certifiicates can also be purchased for Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary – or any other good reason to spoil a loved one! Just book a Workshop as usual, and we can discuss dates and Gift Certificates straight after.

Workshops can be booked via my website.


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